Gymea resident scores year of free pizza on National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Anthony Fenton has won a year's worth of free pizza. Pictures: Dominos
Anthony Fenton has won a year's worth of free pizza. Pictures: Dominos

There are pizza fans, pizza fiends and pizza aficionados - and then there's Anthony Fenton.

The Gymea resident is positively obsessed with pepperoni pizza.

His love for the cheesy, tomato-y delicacy has been rewarded this National Pepperoni Pizza Day, with Domino's gifting the food fan a year of free pizzas.

Mr Fenton appeared on the Domino's radar after ordering 259 pepperoni pizzas from the Domino's Gymea store in the past year alone - an average of five pizzas each week.

"I'm a simple man and I like simple pizza," he said.

"The slight spiciness of the pepperoni, paired with the tasty mozzarella and rich tomato sauce is the perfect combo for a filling and delicious meal."

Mr Fenton said Domino's Gymea had been a godsend after his oven stopped working.

"I actually couldn't cook anything in my kitchen," he said.

"As someone who works six to seven days a week, it was super convenient to be able to drop into Domino's Gymea on my way home and pick up some pizza for dinner.

"Pizza is also a great sharing food, and I often enjoy tucking into a slice with my fiance and son at the end of a busy day."

Domino's ANZ chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said it was fitting to reward Mr Fenton on National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to restrict many joys we once took for granted, but we count ourselves lucky that we can still enjoy our favourite slice," he said.

"Even during lockdown restrictions we've seen the power something as simple as Pepperoni Pizza has to bring people together - whether it's shared between housemates and family members or enjoyed virtually over a video call with friends.

"We hope being recognised as one of Domino's most loyal customers helps put a smile on Anthony's face during lockdown and, of course, puts a little extra 'pepp' in his step."