Family tradition repeats at Burraneer Bay Public School

A primary school is well on its way to being etched into significant history for one Sutherland Shire family.

It all started with Caringbah's Sally James, who attended Burraneer Bay Public School in the 1960s.

Next in line, her son Andrew and daughter Michelle, who went to the same school in the 80s and 90s. Now its granddaughter Aubrey's turn this year. She soon begins Kindergarten.

Mrs James still lives in the same family home on Gannons Road that her father built in the 1940s.

"I'm only about eight houses down from the school," she said. "The house also has had four generations through it. There's a lot of history here. A lot has changed. I can remember just seeing a lot of dirt. I still love the area and the school has a good reputation."

Mrs James has fond memories of the school that has embraced a certain sentiment in her family.

"It's a lovely school. You could be cuddled by teachers, hold their hands. It was a bit like going to daycare. I remember sitting on a mat and having a rest in the dolly corner," she said.

Burraneer Bay Public School has one of the highest enrolments in Sutherland Shire but back in the day, it was of course relatively small.

"My brother who was two years older than me was one of the first to go right through to year 6 - it used to go to year 2 while the school was being built," Mrs James said. "Then it just expanded."

She still keeps in touch with some of her former classmates.

"One friend lives just around the corner - we went all the way through to high school together," Mrs James said. "I lost touch with her but saw her walking one day when I was pushing Aubrey in the pram when she was a baby, and she said, 'I know you'," she said. "Another lady who lives in the area, I remember seeing her sit on her fence."

Aubrey is excited to be the next pupil in the family to begin her education at the same school.

"She's been setting up her room with all her books on her desk so it's all school-ready," Mrs James said.

"It's been a disruptive year for students last year but I don't think it will be like it has been."