Penguin rescued from Boat Harbour

Looking a little dazed and confused, this penguin was rescued at Boat Harbour on the weekend.

On Saturday morning, February 26, just before 7.30am, Co-founder of environmental conservation organisation SO SHIRE, Brett Lobwein, of Kurnell, got a call about a penguin that needed some assistance.

It was spotted on the shore by a member of the public who was walking their dog. They alerted WIRES, and the call was picked up by Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue (ASTR).

Mr Lobwein is a volunteer for ASTR so he was quick to assist.

With the help of rangers to access the site, he was able to remove the penguin to a safe place so it could moult.

During moulting season, which lasts from February to April, penguins lose their old feathers. They have to stay on land during that time but it also makes them vulnerable to predators.

"The area of the beach that the penguin was exposed to dogs and potential bad weather," Mr Lobwein said.

"The road out was flooded, so they needed to drive me out via the quarry. Special thanks to the Boat Harbour rangers for getting me out to the beach."

He said penguins were on shore for about three weeks during the process.

"During this time the bird can not go into the sea," he said. "It is extremely important that a penguin isn't returned [there].

"If someone comes across a penguin they should call Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue. Do not try to return the bird to sea, or touch it. It's the same with turtles that wash up with storms."