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Apprentices, mechanics and technicians: Dominelli Ford is the ideal workplace

Dominelli Ford achieved certification from Great Place To Work in March 2022, after an employee survey returned significantly higher than average results in employee satisfaction. Photo: Supplied.

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Dominelli Ford takes a refreshing approach to the workplace experience, prioritising their employee's well being and happiness above all else.

They provide a centrally located, new and modern workshop for their team to utilise, with fantastic staff facilities and an emphasis on hygiene and safety.

The team culture at Dominelli is highly regarded by existing employees, who rate Dominelli as a great place to work, gaining the company certification from Great Place To Work in March 2022. It comes after Great Place To Work surveyed 43 employees that work within the Dominelli team, resulting in impressive feedback and a significantly higher than average result.

Dominelli Ford invests greatly into the employee experience, holding monthly team barbecues and offering fun incentives and benefits to reward the team for their efforts. They have an employer funded Employee Assistance Program that provides important support to staff for work and personal matters, ensuring their well-being is fostered beyond the workplace.

"There's clearly an economic benefit for having fun in the workplace. Happy employees typically have less absenteeism, and a positive work climate improves communication, collaboration and creativity," said dealer principal Robert Sherry.

"People also have a choice of where to work, so to attract and retain the best talent I want to ensure we create an environment where people want to be. I also feel I have a social responsibility to ensure I provide a safe and enjoyable place for people to work."

Dominelli Ford were selected as one of only a few Ford dealerships to pilot the new Ford Express Service offering. Photo: Supplied.

In addition to the vibrant team culture, Dominelli Ford is one of the most progressive car dealerships in Sydney, providing a great range of opportunities for their technicians and apprentices.

They're one of only five dealerships in NSW to sell Ford Electric vehicles in 2022 and 2023, before the general release in 2024. They were also selected as one of the few Ford dealerships to pilot the new Ford Express Service offering, which focuses on customer retention and loyalty through the use of dedicated service bays with fast turnaround times.

"Much of what we're trying to do in creating a great place to work and a positive work climate, focuses on the ongoing skill development of our team. It's a work in progress, and a journey, rather than a destination.

"We're fortunate to have a number of employees that have been with the company for over 30 years and they are testament to the fact that when your staff feel respected and looked after, they become invested in the business and deliver results," said Mr Sherry.

Dominelli Ford employs innovative technology to maintain a high level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The use of wearable remote assistance technology allows employees to connect to expert help, to diagnose and rectify issues fast, getting customers back into the driver's seat quickly.

Employees are also provided the opportunity to work towards master technician status, recognised with Ford Factory backed training.

The use of wearable remote assistance technology allows employees to connect to expert help, diagnosing and fixing issues fast. Photo: Supplied.

They are trained in a world class workshop, learning on a wide range of commercial, SUV and performance vehicles. Alana Cantlon is one of three female technicians at Dominelli Ford, and values the opportunity to complete her apprenticeship at the facility.

"At Dominelli, everyone is welcoming regardless of gender, race or personality. Nobody is put down or treated differently if they are struggling to bring as much as another to the company," said Alana.

"Being a young female who still likes girly things, I knew the auto industry, and specifically mechanics, is a male-dominated job, and this was a bit intimidating to me. Once I got on the tools I realised how self satisfying it is to complete a job, look back and tell yourself 'I fixed this'".

"The idea of being able to fix things made me consider the career of a mechanic, and Dominelli Ford is currently helping me to achieve that goal," said Alana.

Thinking of becoming a mechanic, or want to continue your career somewhere new? Join Robert, Alana and the rest of the Dominelli Ford team. Great career opportunities await at

This is branded content for Dominelli Ford